So it’s official. The new White House response to all questions about the millions of health insurance cancellations is, “there is nothing in Obamacare that forces people out of their health plans.”  You know it’s official when Valerie Jarrett herself impales herself on such flimsy reasoning.

It is like saying, “there’s nothing about landmines that forces explosions.” The actual explosion is caused by someone’s foot applying pressure to the landmine, but that doesn’t mean you can blame the victim for blowing his foot off.  Of course nothing in ObamaCare technically “forces people out of their health plans.” It just makes it illegal for their current health plans to continue to exist!  You can’t force someone out of something that doesn’t exist, right?

Never mind that this callous semantic rubbish doesn’t even bother to acknowledge the millions who are about to lose their current health insurance plans. It’s a line that allows the White House to look like President Obama hasn’t broken his infamous promise, so that’s what they’re going with. It’s disgusting.

Honestly, we’ve come to expect this from people like Eric Schultz, who was peddling this laughable non-argument earlier tonight. Schultz is a low-level lackey whose primary job function seems to be the public humiliation of journalists who don’t toe the party line. It doesn’t faze us when he ventures into the realm of the ridiculous. However, Valerie Jarrett is one of the closest advisers to Barack Obama, the most powerful person on Earth. When someone of that stature is reduced to playing grammar games, you know that there’s no one driving the train, and the passengers are just bracing for the inevitable impact.


Twitter users can barely believe the mendacity: