Unbelievable. Back in June 2012, PolitiFact declared that President Obama’s promise that Obamacare would not force Americans off their current plans was — wait for it — half true:

Obama has a reasonable point: His health care law does take pains to allow Americans to keep their health plan if they want to remain on it. But Obama suggests that keeping the insurance you like is guaranteed.

In reality, Americans are not simply able to keep their insurance through thick and thin. Even before the law has taken effect, the rate of forced plan-switching among policyholders every year is substantial, and the CBO figures suggest that the law could increase that rate, at least modestly, even if Americans on balance benefit from the law’s provisions. We rate Obama’s claim Half True.

Let’s go to the videotape, shall we?

We’re no PolitiFact, but we believe this would rate as “pants on fire.” Those pants are fa-LAMING!

C’mon, PolitiFact. The truth will set you free!

What a joke.

We anxiously await PolitiFact’s follow-up.

Until then:



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