Texas Sen. Ted Cruz is in Iowa tonight, prompting Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak to declare him the first of “a Mt. Rushmore of Republican extremists who will run in 2016.” Ryback is certainly no fan of Cruz, tweeting earlier today:

Ryback spoke to TheRun2016.com, making it clear that Democrats “would seek to link Cruz to every Republican running for office in 2014,” probably much as former Rep. Todd “Legitimate Rape” Akin was somehow made the spokesperson for all Republicans in 2012. The only problem: Cruz is well-known and hugely popular with supporters.

Said Ryback, “Everybody in Iowa is happy that Ted Cruz is here, the Republicans love him as a poster child and we love him as a poster child because it reminds everybody how extreme the party has gotten.” Ever notice that no one ever calls the Democrat Party extreme?

Cruz speaks tonight at the Ronald Reagan Day dinner in Iowa, where the “old guard” didn’t fare so well with the crowd.

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