Buckle up, folks. You’re about to witness one progressive’s rapid descent into bona fide madness.

Amanda Marcotte is shocked — shocked! — at citizens’ claims about higher premiums due to Obamacare. The very idea! If this isn’t proof of a vast right-wing conspiracy, she doesn’t know what is!

Except many of those trying to log onto Healthcare.gov are doing so because they can’t keep their insurance as Obama promised. But as we’ll see, Amanda doesn’t think the president ever made such a promise.

It’s just so popular!

So, conservatives want to spend more money for crappier care? Could’ve fooled us.

Actually, Malkin (who owns Twitchy) wants health insurance. Her plan is being cancelled because it doesn’t comply with Obamacare’s requirements.

What’s chilling is that Marcotte actually believes this is the case. One tweeter attempted to set her straight:


To no avail:

Well, what many consumers get is a series of error pages.




That’s because it is factual. But we digress.

So she’s demanding proof that conservatives are telling the truth, with one important stipulation: She’s not actually interested in the truth if it proves her wrong.

Sorry, Amanda. But it’s not the government’s role to decide what’s “up to code” for individuals; it’s the consumer’s job.

She’s much more comfortable spreading B.S:

Anyone else get the feeling that she’s not actually interested in the truth?

Just a glitch, guys.

At least one person tweeted evidence that his rate will be much higher if he switches to an Obamacare plan:


The letter states that his family’s new monthly premium will be $810 per month, up from $263. To sane people, that sounds like a price increase. To Amanda Marcotte, by strong contrast, this photo will no doubt be deemed inadequate because it doesn’t include a screenshot from the dysfunctional ACA website (which, by the way, appears to be understating premiums).

Of course, the gentleman above isn’t alone:

But those people must all be lying, because they didn’t post screenshots.

We suppose Democrat Kirsten Powers is a liar, too. Right, Amanda?

Other liberals, like Ezra Klein, have acknowledged that there are winners and losers under Obamacare:

When we talk about rate shock … what we’re saying here is if you look at younger, healthier people, before talking about subsidies in this case, who are in the individual market now, who are buying a very cheap plan now because typically you’ve been comparing the cheapest plan in ehealthinsurance.com to what we’re dealing with. If you look at what they’re paying, and you assume they don’t get subsidies, they might end up paying more or in many cases, frankly, let’s say they will end up paying more …

And here’s Klein making the same point again:

Some people will find the new rules make insurance more expensive. That’s in part because their health insurance was made cheap by turning away sick people. The new rules also won’t allow for as much discrimination based on age or gender. The flip side of that, of course, is that many will suddenly find their health insurance is much cheaper, or they will find that, for the first time, they’re not turned away when they try to buy health insurance. [Emphasis added.]

That’s because Klein, though he is very liberal, is not completely insane.

Speaking of insanity, take a look at this amazing exchange:






That link goes to NBC’s post of Kaiser Health News’ report on the hundreds of thousands of Americans receiving policy cancellation notices. But according to Marcotte, those Americans were left high and dry because their existing plans just weren’t good enough:



The truth is “bullshit.” Ladies and gentlemen, the progressive mindset in a nutshell.

And delusional! Don’t forget delusional!

How about both?

Reality is hard, you guys.



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