Wait, what?

Oh our aching baseball-watching sides! As Twitchy reported, fans heaped hate on announcer Joe Buck during game one of the World Series between the Boston Red Sox and the St. Louis Cardinals. The Sox won game one, but the biggest loser? Fellow announcer Tim McCarver.

And it was mesmerizing!

Snort. Yep, after his fascinating dissertation on Texarkana, he moved onto Slippery Rock University.

Oh, that doesn’t matter. McCarver blathered on endlessly anyway.

Whatever, Harvard. You are no Slippery Rock.

The McCarver mockery continued throughout the game. Talk about your grand slams! Take a gander and be prepared to giggle madly (giggling is allowed in baseball in this case. As is crying, if the tears are caused by laughter).

Take heart, baseball fans. The end is nigh.

Or is it?


What will McCarver say during game two? Stay tuned!


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