Yesterday, satirical site The Daily Currant posted a story about Sarah Palin saying that Jesus had celebrated Easter. The story was complete B.S., of course, but just as has been the case with other Daily Currant articles, people totally fell for it:

Among those who were duped: None other than doofus Piers Morgan.

The Daily Caller’s “Jim Treacher” couldn’t pass up a golden opportunity to give Musket a verbal beatdown:

Piers returned fire with deflection:

And opened himself up to even more smacking:

Oh yeah. Piers totally knew it was fake the whole time!

But who cares? Because the story may as well have been true:

That Sarah Palin … such a rube! Right, Piers?

We saw much more beauty in watching Piers try — and fail — to play it cool:

Treacher wouldn’t give him the satisfaction of getting away with it:

A desperate Piers turned to condescension:

But he should’ve known better than to bring a butter knife to an intellectual gun fight:


That’s a burn, right there. But since Morgan’s a glutton for punishment, he kept going:

And got pwned some more:

Oh, Musket … when will you learn?



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