Dude. Seriously, flack? Also, your link doesn’t even work.

Gasping for breath! Well, while being all shake fisty as well. Why? As Twitchy readers know, the White House Obamacare head cheerleader has been pushing out multiple false “success” stories. Remember these, Ms. McGuinness? We are givers, so we’ll help you out:

Unreal: White House Obamacare cheerleader rah-rahs yet another false story

Pathetic: White House pimps another Obamacare success story that wasn’t successful

Barry and the Hendersons: Obama flacks dutifully retweeted Obamacare poster boy’s lies

Lack of self-awareness, much? Corrections for thee, but not for me!

Citizens gave her the business and it was beautiful.

Snicker. Whoops!


But, hey, when in doubt, retweet Media Matters’ Oliver Willis, right @HealthCareTara? While, you know, totally ignoring the pain caused by Obamacare and its resultant health insurance cancellation notices.  Oh, and the doubled premiums.

We won’t waste our breath further. You see, you cannot shame the shameless.


O-Scare avalanche: Escaped cancellation notice? Americans ‘keep’ doubled, tripled premiums

Whoops! President Infomercial: You guys, just use the phone for Obamacare; Guess what happens

WH flack @HealthCareTara pushes MMFA spin; Crickets when citizens tell her ‘my plan was canceled’

Ha! Secret identity of @HealthCareTara, White House Obamacare flack, revealed?

Pitiful: ‘Choke on this, peasants!’ WH Obamacare flack retweets Oliver Willis GOP-slam

Unnamed sources: 476,000 Obamacare applications have been filed so far