Barack Obama inspired the #PresidentShamWow hashtag when he hawked Obamacare in a statement reminiscent of a Vince Shlomi infomercial on Monday.

Shorter Obama: “You’re gonna love my nuts.”

But Obama’s “as seen on TV” presentation and insistence that the Obamacare disaster is “working just fine” is no laughing matter to those already feeling the pain.

As Twitchy has reported extensively, in addition to frustration from the miserable failure that is, citizens are dealing with canceled health insurance policies, skyrocketing premiums and the part-timing of America. And it’s not only cut hours — some Americans are losing their jobs altogether and they say the thanks goes to President ShamWow and the job-killer known as Obamacare.

Oh really?

Sen. Cruz has plenty of people to choose from.

All those lost jobs? The White House Obamacare cheerleaders would count that as a win. The system worked!

There are at least two jobs that should be lost, but we won’t hold our breath.

Editor’s note, 10/22, 3:48 p.m: Thanks to a commenter tip, we replaced the ShamWow Photoshop with the original that was posted on in 2009.