Seriously, our sides are burning with ache.

That’s right: President Obama not only said that things are working just fine and that the Obamacare product is good, but he also offered up the phone as a wave of the future!

No, really. It happened.

Twitter users cannot stop gasping for breath. Out: President Stompy Foot. In: President Infomercial


Hey, what’s that magical phone number again?

Yep. Even the national Obamacare phone number confirms we are screwed.

As for the president’s oh-so-swift fix?

Stop! Is this real life? How can we parody a self-parody? For that alone, he must pay.

Ha! It’s all working fine and all. The product is soooo good!

And an exit suggestion:



Summed up:

Not. The. Onion.


‘Utterly incredible!’ Obama says nothing to see here; Obamacare disaster is ‘working just fine’

Screwed? Confirmed! Don’t miss hilarious national Obamacare phone number [pic]

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