Yep. All you can keep with Obamacare are President Stompy Foot’s lies.

Sigh. Gee, we wonder why? Oh that’s right! Because @HealthCareTara, White House Obamacare flack extraordinaire, retweeted an Oliver Willis tweet mocking the GOP. Obamacare is totally awesome, you see. Critics are just whiners and totally stupid or something.

Yes, Ms. McGuinness, check this out:

Funny that. No mention of it on @HealthCareTara’s feed! Shocker.

Yep. Whatever, peasants!

Citizens ask Ms. McGuinness for help:

Ms. McGuinness is ignoring those pleas for aid. Does Ms. McGuinness pay attention to the @HealthCareGov Twitter feed either? Shouldn’t that be part of her flack-tastic job? Does she even care or is she too busy pushing out GOP insults hurled by Media Matters?

We are givers, so we will help her out. Citizens are feeling real pain due to Obamacare, Ms. McGuinness. What answers do you have for them?

And here are more people who have lost coverage due to Obamacare or who will now have to pay much higher premiums and/or deductibles:

Crickets from @HealthCareTara, who has not tweeted since her retweet of Oliver Willis’ GOP-slamming tweet. Priorities!

Bingo. Or, you know, she is “Julia” in disguise as one Twitter user recently guessed.

Will she respond to any citizens who are desperate and hurting due to Obamacare implementation? We won’t hold our breath. But, hey, keep your eyes out for more Oliver Willis retweets!


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