Heckuva job, lapdogs!

Media outlets are kinda sorta almost starting to catch on to the news that consumers across the country are receiving their health insurance policy cancellation notices:

A new report by the nonprofit Kaiser Health News describes the havoc Obamacare has been wreaking on citizens’ coverage.

NBC News posted the story as well.

Some details from the report:

Twitchy readers are already well acquainted with news like this. Unlike the MSM, which at best has only halfheartedly acknowledged a problem, we have consistently covered the flood of cancellation notices:

Yeah, that. If the MSM were willing to remove their lips from the president’s backside long enough to take notice of real Americans, perhaps they’d begin to regain some of their long-lost respect.

Until then, not only will we continue to hold the Obama administration accountable for its actions, but we will hammer the media for their dereliction of duty.