Twitchy readers know that that Tara McGuinness, a White House senior communications adviser, has taken to Twitter to pimp for the Obamacare glitch-ridden train wreck. On Saturday, she promptly tweeted out the claim that 476,000 have applied for Obamacare. The source? Unnamed, natch.


Facts shmacts! Ms. McGuinness has some trolling and insult-hurling to do! She retweeted this ludicrous tweet made by Media Matters’ Oliver Willis.

Wow. Childish, much? Deflect! Deflect like the wind!

Hey, what happened to that whole don’t listen to those pesky, meddling bloggers thing? President Stompy Foot just made that demand last week! 

Double bam!

Yep, it does. As Twitchy reported, Ms. McGuinness pimped out an Obamacare success story that wasn’t, you know, actually successful. Then she ignored the pesky full truth when it came out . She also refused to answer questions posed by CNN’s Jake Tapper.

Citizens rightly gave her the business:

As is always the case. See “It’s. The. Law.”


Snicker. Oh the dark days have finally passed!

The only things you can keep are Obama’s lies.

You own it. We can see 2014 from this train wreck.


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