The Hill reported Friday night that Capitol Police were looking into threats against Sen. Ted Cruz by a man named Troy Gilmore, Jr., who had allegedly posted Cruz’s home address to Twitter along with the instruction to “Take down Ted Cruz, at his home.” That account, @ArmyVet54, is now offline, but Gilmore apparently posted at least one more threat after that one, which was captured in retweets.

@ArmyVet54 seems to share a Twitter bio with @KingKong3259, and that account is still online and denying making any threats, despite posting Cruz’s address several times over the last few days. While there’s no confirmation that the accounts belong to the same person, they share tweets as well, including that most recent threatening message, and some new ones as well. In any case, it too needs to be investigated.

That doesn’t quite square with tweets posted over the last few days.


Those certainly sound like threats. Is anyone at Twitter paying attention?


Capitol Police investigate threat against Ted Cruz; Haters add fuel to fire