This afternoon on “The Cycle,” co-host Krystal Ball told all twelve viewers that she formerly worked for the IT company responsible for the disastrous rollout.

It’s important to note that Ball does briefly mention her previous employment on her Facebook page. But since the page has only 129 “likes,” we’re guessing that not many people were aware of Ball’s history before she discussed it on TV. [See Editor’s note below.]

Now, would it be fair to link Ball directly to Obamacare fail? Probably not. Especially since it’s not clear what her position was. And, let’s face it, MSNBC’s made no secret of its crush on Obamacare. No, here’s the real scandal:

Seriously. That the White House would tap a company dumb enough to hire the likes of Krystal Ball … well, that’s really disturbing.

Editor’s note: The Facebook page mentioned above is an automatically generated page, and not her official fan page, which is here. The official page doesn’t appear to mention her employment with CGI. We apologize for the error.



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