Ooo, yes! So exciting! Until you consider that the estimated 2012 population of Washington state was 6,897,012. Which would mean that 0.36 percent of the population “enrolled” in the state health care exchange.

And Washington isn’t the only state feverishly gushing over enrollment success way too soon:

Great. So 0.25 percent of Californians (estimated 2012 population: 38,041,430) started applications. Big whoop. Based one what we’ve seen so far, the number of successful enrollments is likely far lower.

Has Covered California considered the possibility that the call volume is due to 45,787 prospective applicants who are pissed off because the site doesn’t work?

Moving on:

So, 0.08 percent of Nevada’s 2012 population (2,758,931) has successfully created an account. Again, the number of applicants who have actually purchased a plan through the exchange is likely far lower. But hey, at least some Nevadans are looking at the application site!

Bravo, guys. Now for Kentucky:

Kentucky’s estimated population in 2012 was 4,380,415. That works out to about 0.30 percent of the population that supposedly enrolled. But wait — there’s more!

28,000 applications submitted. So 11,000 site visitors who managed to “initiate” their applications didn’t bother completing them.

New York’s health care exchange was pretty psyched about its numbers:

That’s 0.51 percent of New York’s estimated 2012 population (19,570,261). But it seems even that number was too high. @NYStateofHealth deleted that tweet and replaced it with this one:

So now it’s “qualified,” eh? That sounds an awful lot like backpedaling … which suggests that the enrollment numbers are below 100,000. Oops.

Minnesota has similar problems:

That comes out to 0.22 percent of Minnesota’s estimated 2012 population (5,379,139) that’s applied for coverage. But only a third of that number has supposedly enrolled:

Congrats, Minnesota! You’ve come a long way, baby:

A long, long, long way.



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