The parody account @RepJimHankle is for a conservative Arkansas congressman that doesn’t exist, who represents a district that hasn’t existed since the 1960s. You would think the Democratic Party’s communications director and national press secretary might want to know that before tweeting about it.


We hear their fact-checker is Cory Booker’s friend T-Bone. His assistant is Manti T’eo’s girlfriend.

Elleithee’s and Czin’s tweets were deleted, but you know our motto: Twitchy is forever!

And of course MSNBC’s Goldie Taylor got in on the action.  She hasn’t even deleted the tweet, after being told a multitude of times that it’s fake:

Here’s the Twitter bio for “Rep. Jim Hankle.”


The despicable “congressman” kept trolling, much to the dismay of bone-headed people eager to pin the fake account on Republicans, of course!

Hook, line, and sinker:

Author/columnist Sarah Littman joined in:

So did lawyer Angela Rye, who used to work as Executive Director/General Counsel of the Congressional Black Caucus:

Great job, geniuses. We fully expect “Rep.  Hankle” to be cited as an example of Tea Party racism on CNN, MSNBC, and perhaps by Democrat politicians themselves.


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