Meet David Roper. David is the guy who held up the “Thanks Tea-Tards” sign earlier today at an OFA rally. And he’s pretty damn proud of it:

According to him, the sign was just “a joke”:

Hilarious, right? But let him be clear: he’s not affiliated with OFA. He was just there for the party:

Be that as it may, he was nevertheless seen among OFA protesters, which, by lapdog media logic, makes him their spokesman. We’re still waiting for OFA to denounce him. We’re sure it’ll be any day now.



Roper deleted the tweet containing the photo of him making the sign. Unfortunately, he’s still responsible for being a bonehead. He owns that sign:

Meanwhile, OFA has reportedly responded. From Politico:

After reporters tweeted photos of a sign that read “Thanks Tea-Tards,” OFA headquarters in Chicago contacted Ruiz and asked her to have it removed, she said.

An OFA official said “we neither support nor approve of the inappropriate language in a sign… today.”

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