Patriotic fist pump!

Sarah Palin, who attended the Million Veterans March, helped spread the word about another wounded warrior, who carried Barrycades to the White House on his Segway.

As Twitchy reported, photographs of that brave patriot touched everyone.

Wounded warrior Sgt. Joey Jones was also in attendance at the Million Veterans March in Washington, D.C., on Sunday. The Times Free Press has some background on this American hero, who lost both his legs in Afghanistan.

He did not lose his courage nor his incredible spirit:

“Right now I’m a bilateral amputee. But what can I be?” he said. “I can be a bilateral amputee that walks on prosthetics that takes care of himself.”

Determined not to dwell on what used to be, Joey has set goals. Some are as simple as getting through the day, and others more long term — staying in the Marines and returning to duty.

But one hovers above all others.

“I will walk again.”

Please read the whole thing.

Americans were incredibly moved once again.

Johnny (Joey) Jones provided on-the-scene reports via his Twitter account.

Sarah Palin was right: Actions like these and men like Sgt. Jones are what valor looks like.

Actor Nick Searcy agrees:

Indeed. You won’t see any of this from the media lapdogs, natch. They, as always, are averting their eyes.

Americans cannot fully express their gratitude to Sgt. Jones and they are forever in his debt.


This tweet says it all.

Bingo. God bless you, sir.


Bravo, sir.

Courageous, honorable and humble.


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