That’s right. The spiteful and vindictive President Stompy Foot strikes again:


Could the president’s childish feet stomp any harder?

Spite House indeed.

As Twitchy reported, patriots took to Washington, D.C., on Sunday for the Million Veterans March. The Barrycades at the World War II Memorial were torn down. Wounded warriors helped to transport these torn-down Barrycades to the White House, where they were returned to sender.

An excellent picture compares President Snit Fit to those heroes. And the actions this morning confirm it: The Barrycades are going back up.

Hmm. Good question! But, hey, what’s tossing around some cash as long as it harasses and dishonors veterans, right Stompy? That’s priceless!

Citizens continue to be rightly outraged.

Huh. Good point. This Twitter user offers a suggestion for a better use of the Barrycades:



We already know what our brave veterans think of the Barrycades. And citizens across this great land agree.


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