Aching sides!

Not a parody tweet, sadly. But, can one parody a self-parody anyway?


That’s right. Look at what Rep. Grayson tweeted out:

Hero. Oh, well. Gawker said it. Case closed!

Maybe if one means heroically douche-tastic and delusional! Plus, end the lunacy? Um. You can start by taking a look in the lunatic mirror, Rep. Grayson.

Washington Examiner columnist David Freddoso had some mock-licious fun with the tweet.

Twitter users responded as only they can:

Snort. Perhaps Rep. Grayson needs to take a look at this excellent comparison picture that shows the difference between a hero and a zero?

Seriously! Thank you for the much-needed giggles.

Freddoso upped the funny with his own picture:


And this Twitter user brings it all home:



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