The latest “Funny or Die” skit starring Olivia Wilde piles on the Obamacare propaganda with a game called “Obamacare or Shut Up.” The host reads a set of “facts” about the federal health care disaster to Olivia Wilde (who cheers each talking point with “Obamacare!”), mixed in with extraneous Hollywood gossip and fluff (to which she responds “Shut up.”)

We are amazed at how these two Obamacare tools keep straight faces at 1:21 in the video, when host Billy Eichner reads the straight-from-Washington fantasyland claim that “You can sign up for health care online in 10 minutes.”

Shut. Up. No, really. Shut up. Has Hollywood not heard the news yet? The Obamacare exchange websites are a national joke. Even Jon Stewart gets it. They were dysfunctional the very first day that all of Tinseltown was pimping them. The new online “waiting rooms” haven’t helped. And the feds now acknowledge that waiting times might be so long and interminable that potential customers should just give up and register, um, telephonically (to borrow an archaic Harry Reid-ism).

Wilde and Eichner’s disconnect with reality eerily echoes the Spite House. It’s almost like “Funny or Die” is working in cahoots with the Obama administration to lie about Obamacare.

Oh, wait. They are!