New tone! The civility of the tolerance brigade strikes again.

As Twitchy reported, actor Jame Woods says he is putting his country first, career be damned! The actor has been brutally honest (biblically brutal, too) when criticizing President Obama and his fellow travelers. He doesn’t expect to “work again” as penance for the oh-so-horrid crime of telling the truth. That is a crime in Hollyweird, evidently. Lockstep only, baby!


Woods has received strong support from fellow patriots on Twitter.

But, liberals can’t help but show their true colors.

That’s just a small sampling. Actor James Woods is having none of it and is calling out hateful liberals.

He also pointed out this disturbing example of a foul cretin wishing death on those with whom he simply disagrees.

Yes. Yes he did.

The moral bankruptcy is staggering.

Woods lets him have it.

Where are the civility police? This goes beyond uncivil rhetoric: It is potentially dangerous.


Well, here’s one.

Gracious, as always. But how sad is it that one must be commended for having the most basic common decency? You know, like not wishing that people die.


Woods doesn’t let President “in their faces” Obama off the hook either.

Bingo. Heckuva job, community organizer!

Thanks in part to the lapdog media.


Woods also received support from fellow actors who are also “silent no longer.”



Mr. Woods responds to that with his signature grace and class.

Silent no longer and cowed no longer! Thank you, Mr. Woods. Patriotism, bravery and truth-telling for the win.


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