Stunning. But guess what? The absurd cones have been set up in a spiteful attempt to not allow you to view them.

Safety? You plebs don’t need no stinkin’ safety!

Of course, as Twitchy noted, that whole vision thing is hard for the Spite House and President Stompy Foot.


Twitter user Jason B. Whitman has more:





Obedience is not patriotism!

Instagram caption reads:

This is so bogus! Our National Parks are for everyone to enjoy whenever they want, not whenever the government tells me I can or can’t!! #nationalparks #photography #bearcommander

Full post from Facebook:

I had a great day! After recreating illegally in our national parks, I went and soaked in a hot spring in the afternoon and then photographed moose in a snow storm in the evening. Looking forward tomorrow!

Instagram caption reads:

Here is a very petty view of the Tetons I got after fresh snow last night! And yes I was hiking in the National Park where I wanted and when I wanted!! #nationalparks #photography #bearcommander

It's a beautiful evening in the Tetons! #bearcommander #nationalparks

A photo posted by Barrett Hedges (@bearheadphoto) on

A beautiful great grey owl sitting on a fence post in the Tetons! #photography #nationalparks #iphone #bearcommander

A photo posted by Barrett Hedges (@bearheadphoto) on

Bravo, sir!

Citizens from across the country are breaching the barricades as #OccupyAmerica continues.

Now from the Tetons to Yosemite!

Yes. It isn’t called #SpiteHouse for nothing!


Hey, they probably didn’t build those small businesses anyway. Right, petulance in chief?

The Barrycades are being breached at Yosemite as well.

Snicker. That photo made the rounds on Reddit and is a “too good to check” instant classic. Obama constantly flips the bird at the American people: Turnabout is fair play!

That report blames Republicans, natch. But more and more citizens are realizing that the barricades are called Barrycades for a reason.

And an exit point to drive home the utter failure: Barrycades? You’re doing it wrong.



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