Actor James Woods is a shining light of conservatism in an industry that demands lockstep liberal allegiance … or else. Spirited, fearless and brutally honest, Woods refuses to compromise his principles or strap on a Hollyweird muzzle, “consequences” be damned.

When that Twitter follower asked Woods if he worries about losing work due to his out-and-proud conservatism, he explained that he doesn’t expect to work again. But his country comes first and he’s willing to put his career on the line to stay true to his ideals.

Woods has the support of another bold and outspoken Hollywood conservative — actor Adam Baldwin.

Silent no longer.

Gary Sinise, Patricia HeatonKevin SorboDean Cain, Nick Searcy, Clint Eastwood and Stacey Dash are among the Tinseltown conservatives putting country first. Will others follow?


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