As Twitchy reported, President Obama was only too glad to answer questions this afternoon at a press conference — provided the questions were from reporters on Jay Carney’s pre-approved list. As the presser dragged on, viewers were left wondering whether anyone would dare force the president to explain his actions.

Fortunately for us, one pre-approved reporter managed to slip by the White House’s embargo on tough questions.

And the winner is … Mark Knoller:

It’s about damn time.

A great question, indeed. And it’s one that deserves a proper, honest response. Unfortunately, this is Barack Obama we’re dealing with, so we didn’t get one.

And President Petulance needs political heat — as long as it’s directed at someone else. While Obama was busy bobbing and weaving around the heart of Knoller’s question, he actually revealed we’ve known along: his sole objective is to inflict as much pain as possible and hold the GOP responsible.

Bingo. This is all about spite, pure and simple. Anyone expecting the buck passer in chief to willingly take responsibility for his actions is foolish — but Knoller’s no fool:

Says it all.


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