Fetch President Stompy Foot a sammich, America! Also, check out his dreaminess and stuff. Isn’t that what is really important?

As Twitchy reported, the Spite House had shut down the Amber Alert informational website (while FLOTUS’ “Let’s Move” site remained up, natch). Curiously, after an outcry, it was put back up and the White House cited “confusion” as the issue.

Hmm. How strange!

Rep. Stockman and others couldn’t help but notice that there was no such “confusion” over glam shots and stompy foot sammich-posing.

Missing children? Whatever! As long as the president’s sammich isn’t missing.

Yep. Check out these oh-so-important photos of the narcissist in chief courtesy of WhiteHouse.gov:


Rock star, baby! Or something.


He’s super serious, you guys! Ordering Barrycades is hard work!


And hungry work!


And the media lapdogs encourage it.


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