Second verse, same as the first.

It’s been over a week since the Obama administration kicked off and Obamacare shoppers are still unable to find out what’s in it. Visitors to the marketplace website have been thwarted by identity verification issues and plagued by unnavigable system errors.

Weekend maintenance for “further improvements” failed to fix problems blamed on Historic™ volume and the site was down again today. NBC News (yes, NBC News) reports:

The site,, was out of order until mid-morning Tuesday, creating another big public relations headache for the Obama administration’s efforts to get 7 million people or more signed up for health insurance coverage that will start as on January 1.

Some users reported trouble logging on even after the fix. It wasn’t immediately clear how well it worked.

Let us be clear:

Spin from the Obama administration? The system worked!

El oh freakin’ el: