Brilliant truth.

Twitchy just reported on two latest examples of Barrycade-breaching by patriots. The #SpiteHouse cones are no match for them (nor their vision: The Obama administration needs to brush up on its human anatomy).

#OccupyAmerica indeed.

Yep, remember that?


Funny how things change, huh? There is a difference, though:

Snort. And eww.

The brilliant “Obedience is not patriotism” pic should be the new motto of the day for #OccupyAmerica.

People are:

And they are continuing.

We can see 2014 from the Barrycades.

Of course, Twitter has to offer up a little something else, too:

Make it happen. We’d rather see glam shots of patriots than of President Stompy Foot.


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