As Twitchy reported, the Spite House hit a new low by making the Amber Alert website go dark while FLOTUS’ “Let’s Move” site remains active. The Amber Alert system is allegedly still in place, but the information website has been deemed “non-essential.” Because shutdown and stuff.

But, some Twitter users questioned the “unavailable” page Sunday night.

HuffPo’s Sam Stein ran cover for the Spite House.

OK. Then why the unavailable page?

Ding, ding, ding!

Citizens attempt to break it all down.

Hmm. Looky here:

That’s right. When you remove “unavailable,” you do get to the main DOJ page. Which is still up and functional.


“Just bloggers” once again doing the work the media won’t.

If you click on the link for Juvenile Justice, it brings you to this page:


Under Programs and Initiatives, all links are functioning aside from Amber Alerts and Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP): Programs.

Curious, that.

Down or up, one thing has escaped the shutdown wrath:

Of course.

But the question remains: Why?

And HuffPo’s Sam Stein reenters the mix:

Can you do your job, Sam?

Late Monday morning, the DOJ page remains as “unavailable,” but the site is now back up.

Gee, wonder why?



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