Well, well. Fancy that!

As Twitchy reported, citizens noticed something odd about the Amber Alert website going dark Sunday night. Was it just a redirect ploy and a shutdown scam? Well, late Monday morning, the Spite House announced that it was back up and running.

Surprise! It isn’t “non-essential” after all!

Once again, citizens and “just bloggers” did the job that the media, like HuffPo’s Sam Stein, doesn’t want to do.

It was just “confusion,” y’all!

Precisely. The Spite House struck again.

Dead-on. First the Obama administration admitted it was holding our memorials for ransom. Now, our missing children.

Beyond reprehensible.


Ha! We won’t hold our breath. But, no worries. “Just bloggers” will continue to do the job.

Rep. Stockman leaves us with a frightening exit point:

It’s terrifying, because it’s true.


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