Spite House indeed.

As Twitchy reported, The Spite House has sunk to a new low.

The Amber Alert website is dark, but the website for FLOTUS’ “Let’s Move” campaign is up and running. Because, water or something. Missing children? Whatever! Spite trumps all.

Author Byron York asked a key question Sunday: “Does the punishing way the Obama administration has run aspects of the shutdown reveal anything about how it will run national health care?”

Hmm. Two screenshots hammer that nail home.

Here is the “Let’s Move” website:


Here is the Amber Alert site:

amber alert

Those two screenshots say it all. Do you get it now, Obama voters?


Well, looky here! The Amber Alert website is back up:

‘Just bloggers’ right again: Amber Alert back up; Shameful Spite House claims ‘confusion’

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Funny that.


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