Dude. What?

Well, it’s Sunday, so it’s time for funnies with Maureen Dowd!

No worries. We are givers. We read so you don’t have to. With some help from Twitter users, natch.

Did Dowd just take a long walk off the short pier of her sanity? Is it time for an intervention? You be the judge! (But hint: Yes.)

Here is just a quick snippet from her New York Times “column,” titled “Welcome to Ted Cruz’s Thuderdome” (no seriously):

Thomas Jefferson’s utopia devolved into Ted Cruz’s dystopia.

Law and order broke down as police, who were not getting paid, eventually decided to stay home. The fanatics barricaded in the Capitol dug in, determined to tear down what their idols, the founding fathers, had built. Darkness soon devoured the rest of the country.

“Whose fault was it, Papa?” the boy presses.

The man tries to explain: “The Grand Old Party, the proud haven of patriots who believed in a strong national security and fiscal responsibility, was infected with a mutant form of ideology. It was named the Sarahcuda Strain after the earliest carrier. Remember when you saw that old science fiction movie, ‘I Am Legend’? A scientist described the virus that burned through civilization as being like ‘a very fast car driven by a very bad man.’ That’s what happened: In the infected Tea Party politicians, brain function decreased and social de-evolution occurred. They began ignoring their basic survival instincts.

Of course a snide Sarah Palin sneer had to enter the mix, too!

Read the whole thing, but fair warning: It’s not safe for your brain.

Oh, MoDo. Bless your delusional heart.

Twitter users are in agreement: Intervention STAT!

Giggling madly!

Ding, ding, ding!

The side-splitting continues with this exit point:

Aching sides! Dear Maureen: Thanks! Keep “writing.”


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