As Twitchy reported yesterday, followers of “Family Feud” suddenly found themselves in the middle of a political feud, when a tweet from the game show’s official Twitter account urged Speaker John Boehner to end the Tea Party shutdown and “stop letting extremists sabotage our economy.”

Those are pretty strong words from a game show, but they’re not exactly original. That exact sentiment has been making the rounds for a couple of days, and it seems that “eggs” — Twitter accounts with very few tweets, and usually no followers  — are the most “upset” over the Tea Party’s extremism.


We’ve seen that phenomenon before, when an army of eggs was demanding a vote on expanded background checks for guns.

But a game show? After yesterday’s backlash and some internal investigation, it seems that the folks at “Family Feud” have been … hacked! The original tweet has since been deleted, but hacking is a serious charge, and now we’re curious: was the show really hacked-hacked, or was it Anthony Weiner hacked?

But … they just admitted they were hacked!