Ted Cruz staffer Amanda Carpenter points us to this article in the Charlotte Observer about massive premium increases in North Carolina’s market for individually-purchased health insurance:

Across North Carolina, thousands of people have been shocked in recent weeks to find out their health insurance plans will be canceled at the end of the year – and premiums for comparable coverage could increase sharply.

One of them is George Schwab of Charlotte, who pays $228 a month for his family’s $10,000 deductible plan from Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina.

In a Sept. 23 letter, Blue Cross notified him that his current plan doesn’t meet benefit requirements outlined in the Affordable Care Act and suggested a comparable plan for $1,208 a month – $980 more than he now pays.

To Schwab and millions of other Americans, President Obama’s “you can keep your plan if you like it” promise rings more than a little hollow:

“The President told the American people numerous times that… ‘If you like your coverage, you can keep it,’” Schwab said. “How can we keep it if it has been eliminated? How can we keep it if the premium has been increased 430 percent in one year?”

A premium increase of only 176 percent. What a bargain!

The Observer’s editorial page editor says premiums of Obamacare plans will be “surprisingly reasonable” and would be even lower if not for those gosh-darned Republicans. No, really:

North Carolinians who buy insurance through the exchange will pay more because of the Republicans’ temper tantrum