Yesterday, Twitchy reported that Chad Henderson, the media darling poster boy for Obamacare who the administration is using as living proof of how easy it is to sign up, is in fact an OFA volunteer.

The media rushed to report Henderson’s story, but many conveniently left out Henderson’s history as a Democratic activist, but the story got even more interesting. Henderson’s father is reported as saying that, to his knowledge, his son has yet to enroll in an Obamacare plan.

Henderson himself has given the public reason to doubt his claims, having already taken back previous statements “jokes”:

Tweeters, sensing that Henderson’s tale about his embrace of Obamacare has a “Manti Te’o girlfriend meets Milli Vanilli” feel to it, are questioning his story:

A possibility?

Lots of things about Henderson’s story just don’t add up.

Twitchy has asked Henderson a very simple question that would clear things up, and we’ll report if he responds:



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