As Twitchy reported, Obamacare poster boy Chad Henderson apparently hasn’t enrolled in a plan, despite making claims to the contrary.



Notice that in the above tweet, it clearly says that Henderson and his father purchased health insurance.

Henderson also trumpeted the news on Facebook:

Screen Shot 2013-10-04 at 1.01.10 PM


Henderson knows full-well what “enrolled” means. He just doesn’t care. He’s got vacation to think about:


Will the media outlets who giddily reported Henderson’s signup success issue retractions? We’re still waiting.

WaPo’s Sarah Kliff, at least, has acknowledged that maybe Henderson wasn’t being as up-front as he could’ve been:

But what she won’t acknowledge is that Henderson is, in fact, a lying liar:


Here’s what he told Kliff:

We have not purchased a specific.The application has information and once you submit it, it reviews eligibility. Obviously I’m not eligible for Medicaid because our governor isn’t expanding it. And that’s what I meant by enrollment. I had assumed that I never said I purchased a plan or enrolled in marketplace. I’m not backing down on my comments. I have not misled anyone.

Welp, that’s good enough for her!


Like a fiddle — and she’s totally fine with that.



Henderson’s in this lie pretty deep … might as well go all-out, right?


Nice try, buddy. He also retweeted this:

Sorry, sweetheart. Chad made this bed; now he’s gotta lie in it.



The Chattanooga Times Free press, however, merely reported Henderson’s bogus excuse. They didn’t actually correct anything:



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