ONE! One had “success” allegedly. That is such a big deal that White House deputy press secretary Eric Schultz, who on Wednesday admitted that the White House is holding our memorials for ransom, gleefully retweeted it.


Even more bless your heart-y? It appears that one woman didn’t even actually enroll nor obtain insurance:

Perl visited Connect for Health Colorado early Tuesday morning to comparison shop and avoided technical problems that some Coloradans found on the site by putting off creating an account for now, she said.

After learning more information, like whether her children can still see their current doctors, Perl wants to buy a plan for her kids by Nov. 15. “As a working mom, I don’t need anything extra at all to do in the holiday season,” she said.

The mad giggling just won’t end!

Citizens aren’t impressed. First, the parody weighed in.


Um. Real journalist, people! He hasn’t been able to find one of those mythical creatures. Even though, as Twitchy has reported, those mythical creatures are, you know, everywhere.

Ding, ding, ding! Since we are givers, we’ll help Mr. Young, master journalist, further:

You’re welcome.


Perhaps photographic evidence will help the intrepid reporter!

Nope! Still flummoxed. Words are so very hard. Even shiny pictures don’t help.

Young is also baffled by this:

What?! He doesn’t understand. It does not compute. Unicorns!


Don’t burst his precious little bubble, dude.

Waah! But back to this perplexing implausible thing:

Oh, well. Case closed!


And still more incomprehensible questions:

Hmm. Funny that. But, hey, no worries. That’s not important:

Whatever! That’s neither here nor there. What really matters is that Obama is awesome.

Ha! Clearly that’s not a job for a “real journalist.” Their pom-poms seem to interfere with actual reporting.


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