Earlier this afternoon, Harry Reid revealed his true, monstrous nature by writing off children with cancer as non-essential Americans. Now, decency would dictate that his atrocious remarks be condemned. After all, how could anyone defend something so indefensible, right?

Enter Think Progress’ editor in chief Judd Legum, galloping in on his white steed to shield his fair Harry:

Pure, unadulterated hackery.

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Here’s Matt Yglesias to bring up the rear:

“Obviously a misinterpretation.”



Talking Points Memo’s Igor Bobic, irritated at BuzzFeed’s headline quoting Reid verbatim:




Ezra Klein’s turn:

Just a gaffe, you guys!

And where would we be without Media Matters’ Oliver Willis?

We heard what he said, jackass.

Please. False narratives are the Left’s forté.

Here’s all we need to know:




More maggots are crawling out of the woodwork.

Here’s WaPo’s Greg Sargent:

Guys like Greg are the real buffoons.

Here’s Politico’s Dylan Byers:

“Slow their roll.”