Well, that ought to inspire confidence.

As Twitchy reported, on day one of the Obamacare rollout, state insurance exchange websites are a big ol’ snafu and HealthCare.gov’s security failures have citizens’ heads meeting their desks.

Thanks for the ready-made Obamacare metaphor, HealthCare.gov!

NRO contributor Greg Pollowitz tried to get some answers from a HealthCare.gov live-chat rep about the FUBAR-ific security bug. After wasting more than 30 minutes of his day, he was told that the broken website is a “known issue.”

Pollowitz isn’t the only one who got the “known issue” line and apparently the best ETA on a fix is “soon.” Or maybe “later.” Surprise!

But no worries. The federal government totally respects your time.


Feeling secure yet?


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