Instant classic!

On the plus side, the OFA-run @BarackObama account does provide hilarity. So there’s that?

Bingo! But it got even worse.

Stop it! Our sides cannot take any more! OK, so maybe it got better, not worse. Since giggling is the best medicine (and totally counts as cardio).

Gasping! As Twitchy reported, the Obamacare exchange websites are rife with continuing (and worsening) errors and security issues. But, whatever! Be patient, guys.

Forward! To shame-induced apologies.

Twitter users took the DNC to task for similarly ludicrous tweets. Now it’s @BarackObama’s turn! Take it away, citizens:

Wait, what? Magnets?

Oh dear. Not that really is just embarrassing.

Tammy Bruce weighed in and snark-scored:


And some photo-replies for the win:

Serious You Guys: That pic never gets old.


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