The people of Twitter have already had their fun today with the #ShutdownQuestions hashtag, asking if the possible government shutdown would have any effect on critical government programs like cowboy poetry, Bo Obama’s vacation flight accommodations and the study of shrimp on treadmills.

Sarah Palin’s on the same wavelength, passing along a graphic with a similar sentiment. Here’s the complete post from Facebook.


A friend sent me this graphic today. It says it all. “If there’s a government shut down, who will spy on me, waste my money and have contempt for me?”

We could add so much more to this list, friends. For example, if the government shuts down, who will:

  • block responsible resource development
  • borrow more money from foreign countries to give to foreign countries
  • mortgage my kids’ future to bail out their friends on Wall Street & finance their big government crony capitalism
  • “misplace” IRS receipts and ledgers to the tune of tens of millions
  • stockpile ammo at DHS
  • commandeer pro athletes to testify in front of Congress while watching bureaucrats plead the Fifth

Please feel free to add to the list with your own comments below. I so appreciate your great comments and “likes” and “shares” on these Facebook posts!