Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid issued a statement Saturday afternoon throwing cold water on any chance of a compromise funding resolution that would delay the implementation of Obamacare by one year. He also took one more opportunity to characterize the Tea Party as “anarchists.”

In April, during debate over sequestration, Reid explained on the Senate floor that the only difference between the Tea Party and anarchists is that the Tea Party was better at hiding it by not being so openly violent. Today, though, it’s the threat of a government shutdown that has Reid accusing Republicans of wanted to get rid of the government entirely.

Reid also echoed President Obama’s insistence that there would be no negotiations when it comes to the debt ceiling.

No vote is really pointless, though, as it forces legislators to go on record. That sort of list of who actually voted no is helpful when, say, Sen. Mitch McConnell or Sen. Lindsey Graham tries to suggest that he voted to defund Obamacare, when in actuality he voted to end debate on the issue and hand over the keys to Harry Reid (see above for his stance on compromise).

Some fans who can’t even spell his name are proud of Harry Reid for standing firm against the evil anarchist hijackers who would delay a national health insurance plan that’s in no way ready for prime time.

The “terrorists” can speak for themselves, thanks.