Washington Examiner reporter Conn Carroll has it exactly right. Just look at what’s happening in Missouri:

Patient advocates say the exclusion of one of Missouri’s top hospital systems from policies offered by the region’s biggest insurer under the Affordable Care Act could hinder treatment for some patients and force others to switch doctors.

The network for the Anthem BlueCross BlueShield plans, which will be sold through Missouri’s “Obamacare” marketplace, does not include BJC HealthCare and its 13 hospitals — among them Barnes-Jewish Hospital, the area’s premier academic medical center, and St. Louis Children’s Hospital.

And if you don’t happen to live in Missouri, don’t worry because you too may get to experience the same thing:

The plans are similar to “narrow networks” assembled elsewhere by Anthem.

Stunned? Oh dear. It looks like someone actually believed President Obama when he said “If you like your doctor, you will be able to keep your doctor.”

Like Mickey Kaus says, Obamacare means paying more for crappier doctors:

Welcome to the new world.