At 3:30am Eastern, freshmen GOP Sens. Ted Cruz and Mike Lee were still going strong as they tag-teamed their way through the wee hours of the night to expose Obamacare’s ravages. The two lawyers traded discourses on Commerce Clause jurisprudence, the SCOTUS ruling on Obamacare, religious liberty, and enumerated powers.

In a fun colloquy, the two used examples of misnamed events and objects (the 116-year Hundred Years War, New Zealand’s “Chinese gooseberries,” squirrel-haired “camel’s hair brushes”) to illuminate the rhetorical games over Obamacare’s individual mandate, “penalties,” and taxes.

Insomniac Twitter users showed their appreciation and support by staying awake to support Cruz and Lee.

Wide awake and loving the enlightenment:

Amen to this:

Why are so many still up? History. Transparency. Accountability. For starters.

Sen. Cruz himself nailed it: