Does @BarackObama really believe what Barack Obama says, and vice versa? Sure, there are die-hard fans of Obamacare, and even the loudest cheerleaders of the Affordable Care Act tend to talk about how great Obamacare is going to be, eventually.

Bill Clinton apparently believes it. He appeared with Obama today at the Clinton Global Initiative conference to talk Hillarycare Obamacare, and he too is amazed at how low health insurance premiums are going to be. And Bill Clinton would never, ever lie to the American people. Maybe something about being that close to Clinton loosened up Obama’s grasp on the facts.

We’ve heard from plenty of people whose premiums have gone way up, not to mention those who have recently learned that their insurance policies have been canceled thanks to Obamacare.

Along with those anecdotes, Twitchy founder and CEO Michelle Malkin is finding plenty of evidence to the contrary.

Dana Loesch is on the case as well.

Bill Clinton will be on the road later this week urging the uninsured to sign up for state health insurance exchanges. He might even be successful if he continues to treat the truth like he always has.