The soulless and morally bankrupt Left is sickly at it again. As Twitchy reported, the communications chair for the Sacramento Dems wished death upon Amanda Carpenter’s children. Her crime? Working for Sen. Ted Cruz. The cretinous Brauer was subsequently forced to resign.

Now Stephanie Handler, who works for University of California, San Francisco, ups the repugnant by wishing death on all Obamacare “nonbelievers.” Not only reprehensible, but oh-how-creepy — “nonbelievers.”

Here is a Google screenshot of her LinkedIn profile, which she conveniently deleted. Funny that.


Huh. Like Brauer, she’s also in communications. Wow.

Ask and ye shall receive. Ms. Handler may be frantically deleting all social media accounts but Twitter, and Twitchy, are forever.

Citizens were beyond disgusted and rightly gave the depraved Ms. Handler the business.

Yep. It’s OK, you see. Because you are “Others” as Ace of Spades would say.

Creepy cultism, as always.

Actor Nick Searcy shredded Handler:


Yep. Unhinged and morally bankrupt.

That would be a BOOM! if it wasn’t so frightening.

What will UCSF do?

Ms. Handler is bravely running away.

Twitter might have suspended her or she may have attempted to scrub that account as she is attempting to do with all others.

Hypocrite, coward and deplorable human being. This is the face of the unhinged Left.

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Editor’s note: Post was amended to fix a typo.

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In response to this blog post, we have been advised by Ms. Handler that she has withdrawn her comment, and she has deleted her social media accounts, including the Twitter account through which her comment was originally made.  She has also indicated to Twitchy that the comment has nothing to do with her work for the University of California, San Francisco, and that she has reached out to that institution’s Human Resources department to discuss the matter.  She has further stated that she did not intend to imply that anyone should die; the comment was made in jest; and she truly did not mean to offend anyone.  While we have declined her request to delete this post, we are publishing this addendum as an update and in order to provide further context.

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