As predictable as the sun coming up in the east, it was politics as usual during the memorial service for those killed in the shootings at the Washington Navy Yard:

Surprising nobody in particular, President Obama used his address to set up calls for more gun control:

The shooter, Aaron Alexis, purchased a shotgun (as Joe Biden recently advised Americans to do) and obtained a handgun at the site of the shooting. A major factor in the shootings appears to be mental illness, but that fact won’t stop the push to pass more laws to stop people who don’t obey laws.

Like Obama, the Mayor of Washington, D.C., also called for increased gun control measures:

Without a doubt the “solution” will be more of what hasn’t worked where the shooting took place:



Others were perplexed by the lack of focus on solutions that might actually do something about lowering the number of these horrific crimes instead of playing politics as usual:

An unanswered question:

Will we ever find out the answer?