As Twitchy reported, that whole “you can keep your plan” thing? Psych! Insurers are sending out letters letting y’all know what is “in the bill.” Guess what? The coverage that you had for you and your family is not.

The responses are continuing to come in. Individual plans and  group plans alike are proving that whole “you can keep your plan” thing was, as suspected, a lie. Further, if you are trying to obtain a new plan, don’t even bother applying.

That’s right. A congressman’s plan has also been canceled:

But, hey, the big problem is Sen. Cruz, right Beltway-entrenched GOPers? And if you are an Obamacare “nonbeliever,” you shouldn’t get health care at all, says an unhinged UCSF employee. She may get her wish, unless you assimilate and buy through an Obamacare exchange, rolling out in October.


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