Look over there! A Republican War on Women!

Allan Brauer, communications chair for the Sacramento Democrats, apologized earlier for a tweet to Amanda Carpenter in which he wished for the children of Ted Cruz’s senior communications adviser to “die from debilitating, painful and incurable diseases.” Because Republicans hate children, or something.

Brauer is the perfect representative to “walk the walk” on Democrat talking points against Republicans. For example, he’s fully qualified to rail against Republican misogyny:

Brauer is also a living, breathing example of the Democrats “we care more about all people” claim, as Texas Rep. Steve Stockman noticed:

Put that man in charge of our health care, right away! We’ve also found our next Homeland Security director.

Brauer is also one Dem who is good at demonstrating how the Republicans are so anti-Hispanic:


Trumpeting to the world the GOP hates kids and those with special needs? Brauer was on it:

And don’t forget the respect for the dead:

More on Brauer’s hate:

Anyway, back to that Republican “War on Women and Children.”

(Hat tip: Jeryl Bier)