David Guth, a University of Kansas journalism professor, tweeted this on Monday:


Why do some who claim to want a world devoid of violence and hate sound so violent and hateful?

He did not walk it back:


Naturally Guth received a lot of criticism, among them, this tweeter asking for a classroom debate:


Full exposure to and understanding of both sides of the story isn’t relevant to journalism studies? That sounds about right these days, unfortunately.

Some people just want to pick and choose which parts of the Constitution should apply:

Here’s the money shot:


The NRA has called for Guth’s firing, but the University of Kansas tweeted today that their professor doesn’t speak for the university and those were his own personal opinions:

Guth doesn’t speak for them, except when he’s in the classroom more than likely filling minds with that kind of garbage.

Newsbusters has an analysis of Guth’s blog here. It’s pretty much what you’d expect.